creating new worlds of possibility (pinksparklz) wrote in adroitcharacter,
creating new worlds of possibility

Who's YOUR daddy?

Yesterday I was in ROSS looking at purses I don't need and did not buy, thank goodness. While browsing, I overheard the strangest noise......a downright obscene noise. I blushed and thought, 'is someone having SEX at ROSS?!?!?!' the groanings continued and then a voice was heard. "DADDY!!" Groooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaan PANT PANT grooooooooooooooan. "DADDY!" "OH MY!" I thought, and blushed more. The noises and DADDY calling grew LOUDER. Suddenly this girl rushed into the purse section and groaned. "DADDY, LOOK AT THE PURSES!" "You can't have that one put it back!" he yelled at his retarded daughter. "DADDY I WANT THIS ONE!!!" GROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAN PANT PANT GROOOOOOOOOOOOOAN. Head down I blushed and stifled the belly laughs ready to burst. The man pulled away his daughter from the racks and she groaned again. "Let's go find your mommy." As they passed along the homewares she ran away from him again. "I WANT TO LOOK AT THE BAKEPOTS!!!!" GRRRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAN. I couldn't take it anymore, I had to get out of there. As I paid for a pair of jeans she was still yelling, "DADDY I WANT TO LOOK AT THE BAKEPOTS!!!!!!!!!!!" GRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAN, PANT PANT, GROOOOOOOOOOOAN. The check out ladies were completely distracted but I FINALLY got out of there and had a pretty great laugh in my car. I wish I could capture her UUUHH UUUUUGHHHH groan on here.

After meeting last night I got some food with two married sisters. As I drove them home I told them that story and while they were busting out laughing one of them slipped out, "I just CAN'T get myself to SAY that!!! Its just TOO embaressing. I've heard its a real turn on, but I just can't say it!!!!!!" I just about died. I was friends with her husband before they got married and that mental imagery was a little.....uh, well, anyway. THE END.
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