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Scrolling down through past headers I found Armpit Operation.

So as an appraiser I occasionally have orders where we collect a check at the door from the homeowner (or Homo as we like to call them) for payment of the appraisal. I had such order friday morning. The guy, Jason, was really nice but seemed a bit edgy about writing me a four hundred dollar check. After verifying I was legit, he apologized for being a bit paranoid and I said, "hey if a stranger showed up at my door wanting four hundred bucks I'd be a little leary too." His reply? "well it is a little weird having a woman show up at my door with a tape measure and wanting money." I wanted to say, SO bad, "Wouldn't that be EVERY woman though?" I had a good laugh with Summer about that one.

I promise not everything humorous that happens to me is sexual in nature....just the ones in the past two weeks.
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