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Kentucky Grind Bash on tour!!!!!

    Kentucky Grind Bash has started their sweep through the nation last week. They are a well known band in their home town, Ezel Kentucky, which in German means Ass. Fans of the group say that the meaning of the city's name shows through in the character of it's members. Henry Cain, lead vocals, says he's always thought of the town "ass an ass" finding great humor in it. On the other hand Shelby Bellingham, banjo, triangle, backup vocals, self proclaimed doctor, states,"The name of the town means a lot to us. To me though, I think the name means strong and laborous. Not stubborn."
    Their first week on the road brought them to Orange County. Playing a free show, accepting tips, they did not draw much of a croud. Despite the first few failures, this Blue Grass band said that they would not give up. They have four more dates booked now besides nine dates that are not booked. Rather the nine dates that are not booked are on street corners that they have chosen prior to the tour. Due to the size of the band/family they must choose street corners that will hold a minimum of eleven people.
    If you're interested in attending one of the Kentucky Grind Bash shows here are their upcoming dates for the 2005 tour:

3/23 - Pussycat Lounge 21+ - New York, NY (CANCELED)
2/24 - Denim & Diamonds - New York, NY (CANCELED)
3/26 - *Nicolette Ave & Lesalle Blvd - Minneapolis, MN
3/27 - Rick's Bar - Fargo, ND (CANCELED)
4/02 - Blues At The Depot - Livingston, MT (CANCELED)
4/04 - Ha' Penny Bridge - Boise, ID (CANCELED)
4/09 - Tractor Tavern - Seattle, WA (CANCELED)
4/16 - Tugboat Brew Pub (NO ASIANS PLEASE) - Portland, OR
4/20 - THC's Crindedible THC Lounge - Location Unknown, CA

* Not a venue.
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